Our Family Creation

Multimedia collage

Indiana University Vinyl Sticker by Justin PattenIndiana University Vinyl Sticker by Justin Patten
  • Made by The Pattens

    Justin and Rachel live and work in Zionsville. Justin was an art teacher for 17 years. For the past 13 years Justin has been creating paintings and products for the NFL, MLB, NHL, and colleges across the country. Rachel Patten is an Auburn grad, and is everything at Storm Striker Art. They are both passionate about creating great art and quality products for fans and alumni across the country.

  • Storm Striker Art by Justin Patten

    Storm Striker started in December 2010 as an experiment that gave Justin a creative outlet after his school district dropped the art program. Today it is a way for our family to share our love for art with people around the globe, and with our home town of Zionsville, Indiana.

    The name Storm Striker comes from our two boys' middle names. The mascot “Rumble” is our playful homage to all the mascots that keep the fans hyped!

  • The Art

    Justin's artwork brings sports logos to life with added energy in each brush stroke.

    Each piece grows from the traditional logo into a painting as he seeks to add movement and joy into everything he creates.